“Every first-time mother’s wish is get it right in the purchase of baby products. In fact, cost counts little if there’s guarantee for such products to deliver the desired results. I remember buying premium baby diapers as I dreaded baby rash but little did I know that baby’s delicate skin can still react to even the so called premium products.  My daughter often got diaper rush/ burns plus other skin conditions like eczema and I turned to managing them using over the counter medical creams. Deep down I knew this was not the direction I wanted to take yet many mothers and pediatricians advised use of the creams occasionally.

A natural product prepared under high hygiene standard is what I was looking for use on my lovely daughter. Vanilla Orange body butter brought me the much-needed relief after I got introduced to my first heavenly jar. I started testing the butter on my face and legs. Wow! The texture and the mild scent soothed my skin and immediately I decided to try it on my little one. Within a week, results were eminent and I quickly abandoned all other baby jellies and creams that I had piled in my house.

Today I’m a very Happy Mother. Even my house help quickly reminds me to buy the Vanilla Orange body butter whenever it’s almost over. My other family members have become lovers of Nature’s Touch products and use the butter too.”